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When I moved I took the opportunity to go out on my own.  I started SPEAR - a global full service creative, communication, event and talent management agency which focusses on nurturing new guard creatives (whether it be a brand or individual) into success stories across fashion and lifestyle industries.


I am someone who knows what she likes and knows what she wants and loves to tell stories and support the up and coming. You’ll find all that here in my speak. I am a big fan of networking so don’t be shy, drop me a message – DM on Insta, Email Me, send a pigeon, knock on my door. Whatever you like.



OH and because I make everyone else do it... here is my Q&A.


WHO: Dolli Taylor.


NATIONALITY:  Aussie through and through with UK dual nationality.


CURRENT LOCATION: Mallorca, Spain.



RESTAURANT: Ca's Patró March in Cala Deia

STORE: omaproject & pintoresq.

BEACH: Cala Mesquida. 

BAR: La Rosa.

CREATIVES: Not possible to list one...@analuiphotography@anneberthelot@vera.edwards_@tierraardiente

STAR SIGN: Pisces (though I don't have all the typical traits).

BEST PLACE TO TRAVEL: Sri Lanka, it is where we first said I love you and decided to make a crazy long distance romance somehow work! 

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: Things from my dad.



WHO YOU'RE MOST INSPIRED BY: Not any one person. I am inspired by the people I profile here. I always feel energised to create and innovate when I meet creative mavericks chasing after their dreams, daring to be different. 

WHAT YOU DO: I am the Founder & Director of SPEAR, a global creative, communications and talent management agency and the curator of this destination, TROBAT.  My vision is to take new guard creatives and nurture them into success stories.

THE DEFINING MOMENT THAT LED YOU TO BE A BUSINESS OWNER: I have always wanted to run my own business. I don't do well taking instruction from others, even if they are brilliant! I always like to take charge and I usually have a pretty specific vision for how I want to do something. With the view in mind that one day I would own my own business, I worked 10 years for other people. I was getting restless, hungry for more, a desire to what I do for other people, for myself! Then I fell in love with someone that lived on the other side of the world and had run his own global business remotely, travelling to execute each project. The time was now. So I picked up my whole life and flocked to Mallorca starting my agency SPEAR.

WHEN YOU'RE NOT DOING COMMUNICATIONS OR CURATING TROBAT, YOU ARE: Doing a lot of things! I have an unhealthy addiction to my chickens (you'll find me telling them my life stories), reading Architectural Digest or the copious amounts of coffee table books I own (Assouline should probs make me a VIP), shopping at cool concept or second hand stores, re-arranging our casa on the daily (I am lucky my boyfriend still wants to live with me), drinking vino and eating carbs. Oh and talking. I am notorious for too many words (lucky I didn’t set myself a word count here…)

IF YOU WEREN'T A PUBLICIST, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN: I would love to own a concept store and a boutique lifestyle destination. There's still time... 

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR CAREER: I have two. The first challenge I had to overcome was to establish myself  in a new country and to change people's perceptions. There isn't only one way to work. I run a global business from Mallorca and travel for the jobs required. I want work life balance, work to live not live to work, so I only collaborate with those that are open and supportive of remote working. The second challenge was to back myself. A lot of people thought I was crazy to do what I did. I had been with my partner only a few months (mostly long distance) when we decided to go all in. It meant changing my whole life, and whilst it hasn't necessarily been smooth, its been more than worth it. Stay true to you and trust your gut instinct always over other people's opinions.


SEE MORE...  & @thespearagency @dollitaylor oh and of course


TROBAT. means FOUND in Catalan.


TROBAT. will share the stories of interesting people and places I find in my perpetual state of curiosity and travel.


Who am I? In two words. Dolli Taylor.


In two more words. Unapologetically myself. Well so I have been told. At the time I was also told that was a good thing… if you’re wondering...


Want to know more?


Well, let’s see, I am Australian with dual Nationality to UK. I am a former city girl, growing up in Sydney Australia, in an eccentric household full of love. My dad was a lawyer and a not so closeted collector of antiquities. My mum is an interior designer and stylist and she was very good at finding places for all the things my dad would buy. Our vintage champagne bucket count surpasses 40 and we have over 400 vintage wax seals. Need I say more.


As of July 2019, in a blink of an eye I picked up my life - renting out my apartment, quitting my Director role of a leading Australian PR agency, saying goodbye to loved ones and I jetted to Mallorca, Spain to live. Why Mallorca? I fell in love with a nomadic Italian surfer who flocked there 10 years ago for the waves! He is also so much more than that. He is a dad of two and the owner of INDIGITAL, a global leader in live stream, video and still content production for luxury, fashion, lifestyle & entertainment industries.