Elena Vasilantonaki

I sat down (virtually) with Elena Vasilantonaki, a very talented maker inspired by clay. Her ceramics are contemporary with an ancient feel and I absolutely love her unique style. 

Here's what we chatted about...

WHO:  Elena​ Vasilantonaki.



CURRENT LOCATION: Athens, Greece - very close to the sea.



RESTAURANT: a simple Greek taverna, by the beach, on a Greek island.

STORE: Xamam- philosophy to wear, Chania, Crete. Great selection of Greek designer clothes. I always find something that I like during my summer vacation in Chania.

BEACH: Kedrodasos, a secluded beach in Chania, Crete. Golden sand, turquoise waters and the shadow of Cedars.

BAR: An open air bar, with soft music, decent cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere.

CREATIVES: Toni Okujeni, a Nigerian painter, Malene Barnett, Simon Bodmer Turner.

STAR SIGN: Aquarius.

BEST PLACE TO TRAVEL: Senegal and I dream of discovering more of Africa.

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: My kiln. Having my own kiln means I can create from my home studio, at my own rhythm and be independent.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Gemista, a traditional Greek dish. It is actually stuffed peppers and tomatoes and it goes great with Tzatziki.

WHO YOU'RE MOST INSPIRED BY: Our ancestors and the pottery they left behind. I like spending time in museums, looking closely at the ceramic artefacts and imagining those potters at work.

WHAT YOU DO: I am a maker inspired by clay. I work from my home studio.

THE DEFINING MOMENT THAT LED YOU TO BE AN ARTIST: I guess it was when I realised the healing power of clay. It was during a difficult time in my life and I channelled my feeling in the making process. A transformation occured through this process. I knew then that I would be ok as long as I could create with clay.

WHEN YOU'RE NOT CREATING, YOU ARE: Long walks to the beach during winter, early morning swims at summertime, cooking a healthy meal, a netflix movie later in the evening and of course visiting my island home, Crete, whenever I can.


THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR CAREER: Balancing family life and work. Working from my home studio this proved more of a challenge than I expected.

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