Emma Strm.


I sat down (virtually) with Emma Ström, an adventurous, bold and energetic woman who has a knack for always landing on her feet. You know those people who go in knowing they have no plan / solution but always find a good outcome?  I met Emma when she flocked to Mallorca on a whim post a long term relationship breakdown with no real plan on where she would sleep, what she would do and how long she'd be here for! Did I mention she didn't even know anyone here? Didn't matter, she quickly became part of the furniture. Like me, she met Vera Edwards via instagram and in turn I met Emma at one of Vera's famous Paella Parties! Next minute, Emma is over for dinner at our Casa in the coming days, and we had a painting party in our studio where she painted us the most spectacular figurative femme form that I now hang proudly in our living room (featured at the end).


Here's what we chatted about, on this occasion...

WHO:  Emma Josefina Margareta Ström



CURRENT LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden.



RESTAURANT: Reggev Hummus.

STORE: Röda Korset.

BEACH: Långholmen Strand.

BAR: Folkbaren.

CREATIVES: Håkan Hellström (musician and creative soul).

STAR SIGN: Taurus.



WhatsApp Image 2020-04-28 at 10.37.34 AM


FAVOURITE FOOD: Small dishes of many things, aubergine, BUTTER, tomatoes and apples. Did I say I have a hard time deciding?


WHO YOU'RE MOST INSPIRED BY: My mother, she is a huge inspiration when it comes to creating anything out of anything, seeing the possibilities in any situation. Very brave and beautiful.

WHAT YOU DO: I’m an multiartist working with paintings, sculptures, music and visuals. I also love interior design and styling, and am the creator of Artflow Workshop and Sisterwood Music & Arts festival in Stockholm. 

THE DEFINING MOMENT THAT LED YOU TO BE AN ARTIST: I got the swine flu and were in bed for two weeks, when I could start moving a little bit I started drawing, and as my mind had been on lock down in my body for a long time my imagination was going all over the place. Soon I realized I was quite good at drawing, and then it just took off with friends and their friends wanting to buy my things and giving it to their friends. 

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WHEN YOU'RE NOT CREATING, YOU ARE: Listening to podcasts, drinking coffee in my kitchen. And then moving furniture around. 

IF YOU WEREN'T AN ARTIST, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN: Interior designer, Etnographic Researcher and photographer, Creative Director of a cool brand working with artists, B&B host, or film director... A creative for sure.

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR CAREER:  Understanding to push through the creative process... It led me to stress and burn out until I realized how to handle and canalize my energy.

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