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Kim Taylor

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I sat down (virtually) with my mum, the most fashionable woman I know! When she says she's a stylist and designer most assume she means in fashion (because of how stylishly dressed she is). She's actually an interior designer for commercial and residential properties, a food & interior stylist and curator of Leicester Gardens, a unique and magical event / shoot space on the North Shore in Sydney. She's also the best mum.


Here's what we chatted about, on this occasion...

WHO:  Kim Belinda Taylor.

NATIONALITY:  Australian.


CURRENT LOCATION: Sydney, Australia. 




STORE: Di Nuovo.

BEACH: Palm Beach.

BAR: Charlie Parkers.

CREATIVES:  Cass Stokes, an amazing food stylist - @cassswho

STAR SIGN: Cancer.


BEST PLACE TO TRAVEL:  Mallorca of course - where my gorgeous daughter Dolli lives ! Otherwise Italy, especially Rome. 

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: My Children without a doubt, but if we are not talking people then my ring that was given to me by my husband for my 50th birthday. Oh and my dog Wally, he makes a great assistant.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Truffle pasta and rocket and buffalo salad with amazing oil and caramelised balsamic dressing. 

WHO YOU'RE MOST INSPIRED BY: I am most inspired by my children because of their amazing tenacity and resilience.

WHAT YOU DO:  I am an Interior Designer working on residential and commercial projects. From creating a bar in someones house to re-designing a members club or apartment complex. I am a food stylists and have styled shoots and also cookbooks, such as Belinda Jeffrey's. My home has become my physical portfolio, an event space - Leicester Gardens hosts weddings, special events, film, photoshoots and many soirees. I love people and I love decorating, I thought what better way to enjoy both than to combine them to create and curate Leicester Gardens, my home is my oasis and I love to share it.

THE DEFINING MOMENT THAT LED YOU TO BE A DESIGNER:  My mother asking me to help her in her curtain business and it grew from there .

WHEN YOU'RE NOT DESIGNER, YOU ARE: I live, eat and breathe my projects when they are on - I find it difficult to separate work from my creative thoughts so its often rare you will find me not designing!  Though, when I do break away, I love to cook.

IF YOU WEREN'T A DESIGNER YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN: A doctor or a Creative Director in fashion. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-05 at 4.05.10 AM
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-05 at 4.05.10 AM

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR CAREER: My biggest challenge I have had to overcome in my career is going back to work and build my business up again after a long break. I took a hiatus to care for my ill husband. 


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