Lee Oliveira. with credit

I sat down (virtually) with Lee Oliveira, a warm, creative, larger than life human who has an incredible eye for style and detail. Lee and I became friends through working together in fashion, we fell in love when I realised, like me, Lee adopts a no bullshit policy, which is so refreshing and rare when you're working in an industry with a lot of bullshit. Lee comes from humble beginnings and has never lost sight of what is important in life, even with all his successes. 


Lee was one of the pioneers of Street Style photography - he was shooting it when people didn't even know it was a thing! Lee also creative directs large brand campaigns, is a stylist and also has a green thumb.


Here's what we chatted about, on this occasion...

WHO:  Lee Oliveira.


NATIONALITY:  Brazilian born. Australian dual nationality.


CURRENT LOCATION: Sydney, Australia. 



RESTAURANT: Spice I am. The name says it all. Great Thai food

STORE: Lunatiques, An amazing antique store where you can give pieces a second life rather than buying new.

BEACH: Palm beach. The northern headland with a view.

BAR: I actually don’t go to bars much. I would much rather catch up with friends in my home. Cooking dinner and sharing stories over a glass of wine…. or two.

CREATIVES: Leaving this one blank as I can’t think of the top of my head.



BEST PLACE TO TRAVEL:  Italy. Everything about it. The people, lifestyle and food.


MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: Some people might find this weird or gross but the most prized possession is my dogs ashes. Chica passed away December last year and I miss her everyday.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Italian food however I do love going home to Brazil to my mums  home cooking.


WHO YOU'RE MOST INSPIRED BY: There is no one particular individual that inspires me. For me its “what inspires me” to do what I creatively. Whether it be from art, nature, old documentaries from photographers, painters, fashion designers from the past.

WHAT YOU DO: Photographer.

THE DEFINING MOMENT THAT LED YOU TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER:  I was working for a menswear brand in Australia. I always had an interest in photography and what people choose to wear as this says so much about a person’s personality.  With my photography interest, I wanted to translate this into photos that inspire me.


WHEN YOU'RE NOT TAKING PHOTO'S, YOU ARE: I’ll be on my balconies gardening. Painting old pots I find and pairing them with plants, herbs and vegetables.

IF YOU WEREN'T A PHOTOGRAPHER, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN: I’d still like to be working in fashion in some capacity. More on the creative side. Perhaps visual merchandising.  Outside fashion it would more likely to be related to nature or wellbeing.  


THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR CAREER:  Because I am a creative, the business side of my passion was always a lot to get my head around. As my business grew organically, I quickly realized that this part was fundamental.

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