Nick Ward.

I sat down (virtually) with Nick Ward from my hometown, Sydney, Australia. An up and coming music artist with a catchy new track, Aubrey Plaza, just out.

You can listen to it here, I currently have it on repeat just FYI. Here's what we chatted about...

WHO: Nicholas An Ward (Nick Ward).


NATIONALITY:  Chinese-Australian.


CURRENT LOCATION: Sydney, Australia.




RESTAURANT: Chin Chin in Sydney. Queen Chow in Enmore is also amazing.

STORE: Incu or Kinokuniya (The Galeries).

BEACH: Balmoral.

BAR: Look, I hate clubs and bars, but Mojo plays good music. Stonewall is a fun night out, too.

CREATIVES: Stevan, Flowerkid, Dylan Atlantis and LOVER are my very talented friends from Sydney.




BEST PLACE TO TRAVEL: Tokyo, Japan. Last November, I went there with my friends instead of 'schoolies'.

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: My Korg synthesiser or my copy of Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' magazine – it was the first thing I bought with money I earned from music.

FAVOURITE FOOD: I could name a thousand things, but I'll stick to three. Wow...this is really like naming your favourite child. Hummus, ice cream and pasta. Not very specific, but oh well. I wonder what they'd taste like all together.


WHO YOU'RE MOST INSPIRED BY: I'm always inspired by artists who are proud and unashamed of who they are, their ethnicity, sexual orientation or background. Growing up, I was always really attached to queer artists and filmmakers such as Kevin Abstract, Rostam Batmanglij, Lontalius, Xavier Dolan, Will Toledo and Cub Sport!

WHAT YOU DO: Well, I try to be a musician and filmmaker. I'm proud to say that my friends and I all make our videos ourselves, and that I produce, mix and master all my songs. I've just started producing music for other artists and I'm really enjoying it so far!

THE DEFINING MOMENT THAT LED YOU TO BE AN ARTIST: In 2018, I went to a BROCKHAMPTON documentary screening, where the band also shot a music video with the audience. There was a literally a moment where Kevin Abstract grabbed me by my shirt and looked me dead in the eye while rapping – I seriously felt my soul leave my body. Might sound weird, but it was at that moment where I decided that I wanted to make music and take it seriously. You can watch the video on YouTube. Nick didn’t send this to me, but I found it… 

WHEN YOU'RE NOT DOING MUSIC, YOU ARE: I drink a lot of fucking tea. Green. Chamomile. Chai. Peppermint. Ginger. Lemon and Ginger. Lemon and ginger and honey. Oh, and I watch a lot of movies with my girlfriend nowadays, since we're in COVID-19 lockdown. Cooking videos on YouTube slap too. I wish I could say you'd find me reading but that would be a big, fat lie. That New Years resolution hasn't panned out just yet.

IF YOU WEREN'T A MUSIC ARTIST, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN: I mean, I just turned 19 the other day so I haven't really given it too much thought. Definitely something creative. Maybe writing/journalism? I don't really want to do anything other than music, to be honest. For a while, I thought that film restoration looked cool – like how the Criterion Collection brings back old films and makes them brand new.

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN YOUR CAREER: There are challenges every single day. It's really hard to find inspiration sometimes, especially as some who is still young and has a lot of life to live. I haven't even hit my twenties yet! That'll be a goldmine of melodrama for sure. Another big challenge that comes with working on a project is being locked into an aesthetic and feeling stale. That's why I try to update my Pinterest mood boards once a month. Sounds stupid but it works!



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